Wildlife SOS: Ending Animal Abuse in India

elephant_wildlifeMeet Rajesh. He’s cute, isn’t he? This is him as he gets ready for his foot treatment at an elephant rehabilitation center. Rajesh is a particularly lucky elephant because he still has his tusks, which were not cut off and sold by his previous owners.

Rajesh is a rescued elephant, who was once held captive and abused for entertainment purposes. In India, it is very common for elephants and other wild animals to be forced into performing for tourists, where they are mistreated and tortured behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, this type of business is an incredibly lucrative one; illegal wildlife trafficking and trading generates around $10 billion a year. Elephants, bears, leopards and many other beautiful animals are captured and exploited for businesses such as logging, performance shows and even street-begging. These animals live a life of torment, often underfed and over-worked, purely to make their owners as much money as they can.

We Can Stop This

Fortunately, there are groups working to put an end to these cruel practices. Our newest partner, Wildlife SOS, has been working for 18 years to find, rescue and rehabilitate animals that have only known abuse and mistreatment for most of their lives. And they have achieved significant success, saving hundreds of animals and opening 7 animal rescue centers throughout India.

But there is still a lot of work to be done. You can learn more about their work by checking out the Wildlife SOS Impact Page. Please show your support by sharing their work on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.