Awesome Infographics: The Bright Future of Car Sharing

For many, the term infographic implies a static image that boils down a lot of information and data into a simple, compelling story. While many infographics are very successful in telling their stories, they still are little more than a digital poster and can often struggle to keep the reader completely engaged.

I recently came across an amazing infographic that broke a lot of the norms people have come to expect. Rather than the static image, Collaborative Fund has created an interactive infographic that shows the viewer the many benefits of Car Sharing in a very, very cool way.

Before I tell you any more about this, play around with it yourself via the link below:

What I love the most about this infographic are the little details that add to the overall experience. Being able to drive the car using the arrow keys gives it a video-game feel; the cute animations for the animals and other background figures engage the viewer and drives them to pay close attention; and the use of both background and foreground objects creates depth in the whole structure. All of these unique details make playing with this infographic truly a joy, while still getting across important information about the increasing popularity of Car Sharing.

Overall, this infographic succeeds tremendously and is a perfect example of one done extremely right. In many ways, it seems like the logical next step in the evolution of the infographic medium. I can only hope other designers take note and start producing more interactive infographics as fun and engaging as this one.

The idea of an interactive infographic is especially relevant to our work at Karma Store because that is exactly what we are trying to build for nonprofits. Although ours may not be as fun as the one above (yet), we can guarantee that it will be equally as engaging and interesting. Look for the launch of our first one very soon.  For a sneak peek, check out our new website at

Are interactive infographics the next logical step to the evolution of the infographic? What are some other groups doing infographics right?