Data Without Borders: Helping Charities in Unusual Ways

Data Without Borders is an awesome example of how data scientists are using their nontraditional skills to help charities organize vast amounts of data and answer pressing questions. Not only are they helping charities with their work, they are also helping society better understand these problems in new ways.

Helping charities doesn’t always involve donating. Volunteering your time and skills to help out a nonprofit can often prove more useful than simply giving money. National Volunteer Week was technically last week, but that doesn’t mean the need for volunteers has ended.  Charities are always in need of volunteers and can often use your distinct set of skills in ways.

So I urge you to do a little research and see which local charities interest you and could use your help.

What can you do to help nonprofits in need? How can you use your skill-set to help charities solve everyday problems?