Village Enterprise Series (3 of 4): The Vision Trip


This post is the third in a series where we will be profiling the work of Village Enterprise and more specifically, following one of their team members, Whitney, as she travels to Africa and walks us through their amazing work.

Village Enterprise is an organization working to eradicate extreme poverty in East Africa through their innovative program that equips people with the skills and resources to establish their own small business. Whitney is the Marketing & Development intern, who will be spending the next month traveling around Uganda and taking us through the Village Enterprise program.

Be sure to check out the first post and second post in our series. 

Whitney finished the Vision Trip earlier this week and if you have been following along at the Village Enterprise Impact Page, you probably have seen all the amazing stuff she and her team are up to.

For those who haven’t been keeping up to date, here is a quick re-cap: Whitney arrived in Uganda two weeks ago and has been leading a group of donors on a Vision Trip. This trip takes the group through the entire Village Enterprise business creation program, from identifying groups in need to business training and mentoring and even visiting some of the successful businesses created through the program.

We love following Whitney on her incredible journey and so we decided to show off some of our favorite photo updates from her:


Here is Whitney at the SFO airport getting ready for her first trip to Africa. We especially love this photo because it actually is the first official photo update uploaded with the Karma Store Camera App!


“We attended a disbursement to 30 businesses today. It was such an incredible experience handing them their Village Enterprise grants!” 


Business mentor Doreen at Mukura Madoch Village. She did one-on-one mentoring with each group, checked their books, and gave them a stamp!

The one-on-one mentoring is a critical part of the program as it equips the entrepreneurs with business knowledge and skills that can be applied to future endeavors and passed down to others.


Business owners from near and far gathered to show off their livestock! These women received their grant over one year ago!

A true testament to the success of the Village Enterprise program!


Today I pumped a can full of water at a well we walked past during a field visit. The woman was able to rest for a moment and hold her baby.

Those were only a few of our favorites. To see all of Whitney’s photos, check out the Village Enterprise Impact Page and be sure to show your support by sharing it with friends and family.  


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