Protecting The People of The Yucatan


Can you imagine working tirelessly from dawn until dusk, but at the end of the day, not even bringing home minimum wage?  And can you imagine how horrible it would be if minimum wage was $4.65 a day?  Well that is the life of many families, seemingly forgotten in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico.  As the world has evolved and “progressed”, the descendants of the Maya have been left behind, many not even making $1 per day.

These poor families are stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, where they sometimes don’t even have enough money for food, let alone a proper education for their children.

But something can be done, and you can help.  Our latest infographic highlights the great work that Proyecto Itzaes has been doing in this region since 1995.  Started by Stanford Educator, Cindy Wilber, this organization has impacted thousands of lives by providing children with books so they can learn to read, computers so parents can progress their careers, and direct aid for communities in desperate need of help.

If you have ever traveled to the Yucatán, you know the extreme disparity between rich and poor.  If you were wondering what you could do to help out, here’s your chance:


Click here to learn more about Proyecto Itzaes and support their work today. Please help us spread the word by posting this update on facebook, twitter, pinterest and everywhere else!


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