Cambodia’s Real Secret

The Lotus Mystery

Imagine yourself on vacation in South East Asia, something millions of people do every year.  Perhaps the ancient Angkor ruins of Cambodia have captured your imagination and you now find yourself in a land with a rich history spanning over 1,000 years.

But, unfortunately, this beautiful country also has a terrible dark side that some people don’t want to believe.  As you see the sights and follow along your guided tour, just out of sight, injustice in it’s greatest form takes root here.

And while poverty and subsistence living is a major problem in and of itself, in Cambodia, there is no safety net for the fragile women and children who made this mistake of being born poor.  There are no “public libraries” where they can learn about their options for a better life.  Instead, they are preyed upon by some of the worst people in the world, flocking to this country to force them into sex slavery.

Yes, while you’re on your imaginary tour, in reality, thousands of women and children in Cambodia are being held as slaves.  There are ways to escape this life, but they are simply unaware of their options.  So what can be done?


Give them the resources they need to understand what their options are.  Give them the knowledge and education they need to obtain a proper job and realize they can say no and resist the predators.

You can do this today.  GetSet-Go is an innovative organization, dedicated to providing tools and training for the most vulnerable women and children in the heart of Cambodia.  They already operate one successful free, 24-hour library.  And with your help, they can take this model across the country.  Click here to learn more and support the women and children around the world who need your help the most.


Top photo courtesy of Stuck In Customs

Second photo courtesy of mkleinmanns:


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