Social Media Predictions for 2013: Are You Ready?


To help kick off the new year, the folks over at Social Media Examiner gathered several “social media pros” to make predictions of what 2013 holds in terms of social media marketing.

The entire article is definitely worth reading and gives great insight into some upcoming trends, but we decided to focus on only a few of the predictions that we think will have the heaviest effect on the nonprofit:

#1 Ecommerce and Social Media Grow Together

“Social Media is a great venue for consumers because of the integrated communication features and potential ecommerce features.”

Pinterest already allows users to include price tags on their pins and Facebook already has a marketplace for it’s users to sell stuff in a Craigslist-type fashion. The logical next step is to allow users to make direct purchases on these social media platforms.

But when will we see a Donate button on a charity’s Facebook profile? Social media always tends to be a bit late on tailoring their platforms for the nonprofit industry, but I am definitely excited at the possibility of a charity’s supporters being able to donate directly via their favorite social media platform.

#2 Visual Marketing

“Brands will need to understand what it takes to do visual marketing well, whether within their current communities or new networks like Pinterest, Instagram and others.”

Visual content is king! We touched upon this idea a couple times last year with our posts about visual storytelling  and the power of visual content, and this notion is even truer in 2013.

People don’t always have time for lengthy articles, which is why sites like Pinterest and Instagram saw tremendous growth last year. We want our content served to us in a simple and visually-compelling way. It’s time to expand your fundraising strategy to include more visual-heavy content. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are perfect tools to start sharing your work and goals with your supporters and potential donors.


#10 Instagram Grows Bigger

“2013 will be a big year for Instagram.”

2012 was a huge year for Instagram, hitting over 80 million users in August and being bought up by Facebook for around $800 million. Not bad at all. So how can Instagram possibly get any bigger?

Probably a lot bigger, but that isn’t important. What matters more is realizing that photo sharing is growing faster than ever and quickly becoming the communication medium of choice among millions.  This type of photo communication is the perfect way to speak to your supporters, especially the younger ones. They want to see the work you are doing and more often than not, a photo will capture your work and inspire them better than any email newsletter or blog post.

#16 A New Social Site Rolls Out

“We will be taken surprise by a new social media service that hardly anyone will see coming.”

Could they be hinting at Karma Store? We sure hope so.

2012 was a very productive year for us  with a ton of major growth. And we are already gearing up for some big things in the coming months, which we will start unveiling very soon. Our goal for 2013 still remains the same: to help connect great charities with donors in a brand new way.

What are your predictions for social media in 2013?

Main photo courtesy of Jeff Seeger


2 thoughts on “Social Media Predictions for 2013: Are You Ready?

  1. Good article. The link between e-commerce and social media is so big, I believe that entire post grad education programs will be dedicated to it. The future of social media isn’t how we connect. We are already doing that. The future is how we integrate that connectivity into our existing lives via e-commerce, relationship management, and activism.

    • Thanks. Social media has completely changed all aspects of e-commerce in such a huge way. The most exciting aspect of all this is that we are still in the very early stages of e-commerce and social media truly blending together as one. I am very excited to watch how the different platforms will approach this integration over the next couple years. The new Facebook Graph Search feature is a step in the right direction, we will just have to wait and see if the users agree.

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