Berkeley Food & Housing Project: Ending Homelessness


Did you know that California makes up only 11% of the nation’s population, but has over 21% of the nation’s homeless population?

As our economy slowly recovers from this recession, and individuals begin to find employment and stability in their lives, homeless people are one of the few groups that still have not been able to recover. They still struggle to break out of poverty and achieve some form of economic stability.

Most importantly, many of these individuals and  families are not the stereotypical face of homelessness that we all think of. They aren’t the broken individuals begging for money on the street corner. Most of them are working and providing for their families, but are still homeless due to the tough economic times we live in. They are trying to help themselves and society; all they need is a little help.

Our latest  partner, the Berkeley Food & Housing Project is focused on solving this problem by providing food, social and medical services, and transitional housing for the homeless who want to overcome this difficult time in their lives and regain the economic stability they once had.

Check out our latest Dynamic Infographic for the Berkeley Food & Housing Project to learn more about how you can help.

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