The New GOOD: Huge potential, despite the minor flaws

Last week, the popular social good website/magazine GOOD launched its new social news platform, which they describe as “a gathering place and a growing toolkit for pragmatic idealists to creatively and collaboratively engage with each other, our communities, and our world.”

The platform focuses on being a news aggregator for socially-conscious content. Users can post interesting content or their own causes for others to rally behind. Other users then can promote, share and discuss the content, with the most popular content rising to the front page.  It is very much like a Reddit for the socially-conscious community.

Although this platform seems like a perfect place for intelligent sharing and discussion, several users have complained about the functionality of the new layout. The lack of organization and clear instructions causes interesting content to get lost easily. Users are forced to hunt for articles that appeal to them and sort through the almost-too-simple layout to find certain sections. It seems many users simply miss the old GOOD, with its magazine style layout and controlled content.

Some of the current complaints may be the direct result of the users themselves not taking the time and effort to engage and properly utilize the platform. Like any new social platform, the community is often the deciding factor on how well the whole thing works. More user engagement means more content and interesting discussion for everyone. Right now, it doesn’t seem like there are enough users to transform this into the “gathering place” GOOD envisioned.

I think there is still major potential for this platform to take off, especially since nothing like it really exists elsewhere. Forums and online communities have been around for a while, but there doesn’t seem to be an entire social media platform based entirely on the idea of doing good.

GOOD has taken on the ambitious task trying to fulfill this void and it should be very interesting to see if this idea can attract enough user engagement to truly take off.  I highly recommend giving the new GOOD a chance and helping transform it into the platform you want to see.

Check it out at

What do you think about the new GOOD? Where do you find, share and discuss interesting content related to social good?


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