The Power of Visual Content (Infographic)

Facebook shifting to Timeline. Instagram being bought for $1 billion. Pinterest becoming the fastest growing social platform ever. It has become pretty clear that 2012 has become the year where Visual Content has become King.

The folks at MBooth recently created this awesome infographic illustrating the facts and numbers behind some of the top brands and their success on the different social platforms.  Probably the most interesting figures are from Facebook, where:

  • Videos are shared 12x more than text and link posts combined, which helps explain the viral explosion of the KONY 2012 video.
  • Photos are liked 2x more than text updates.

All of these facts have made it impossible to deny the importance of including visually compelling content into your marketing strategy. Readers are attracted to bite-sized pieces of information that they can digest and share easily.

Many nonprofits are already utilizing this strategy to inspire their supporters to donate and spread their message. For example, charity:water posts new photos daily of their work with great success and Amnesty International  has gained thousands of followers with their active Pinterest boards. Captivating photos, videos and infographics are amazing ways to excite your audience and make it incredibly easy for them to share your message.

For more information on the tremendous rise of visual content,  check out the full infographic here.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Visual Content (Infographic)

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