The Importance of a Great Brand Name

St. Dunstan’s, a UK charity that focuses on helping veteran’s who suffer from sight loss, has recently changed its name to Blind Veterans UK. The nearly 100 year old charity was looking to modernize its brand to better connect with donors.

It seems pretty clear why they decided to change the name from the vague, religious-sounding St. Dunstan’s to the more clear and literal Blind Veterans UK.

The most interesting thing to note is how St. Dunstan’s opted to rebrand its name to be more direct and clear with its mission, unlike in commercial industries, where companies focus on creating brands that are distinct and original.

In the nonprofit world, direct seems to work better. For charities, this simple, direct branding seems like a smarter choice. You want donors to know exactly what your charity’s mission is just by reading the name. And when what you are “selling” is the great work you do for those in need, you don’t need to be flashy with your marketing. A simple message is often more than enough.

What do you think of this rebranding strategy? Is direct branding better than flashy ones?


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